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Facebook $50 advertising credit

  • Reach over 400,000,000 active Facebook users.
  • Attach social actions to your ads to increase relevance.
  • Create demand for your product with relevant ads.
FaceBook Advertising - $50 Credit - Coupon code: FB-SES-NY

Google Adwords $75 credit

Start your online advertising campaign with a $75 free trial. Complete the form to request a free trial. You will receive a personal voucher code via email with instructions for use within 2-3 business days.
Direct Link to Google $75 credit sign up form

Yahoo Search Marketing (US) $25 and $75 credit

Yahoo! Sponsored Search lists your business on top sites like Yahoo!, AltaVista and CNN. Sign up and get a $25 credit.

I just received a coupon code from Yahoo: USDM0315A .   $75 credit  Offer expires June 30st 2009.  It also requires  $30 deposit

Yahoo! South East Asia $30 credit

Yahoo! South East Asia   $30 credit
Get a $30 credit when you sign up for Yahoo! Search Marketing today! Yahoo! has recently introduced Sponsored Search to Southeast Asia. Sponsored Search delivers highly targeted customer leads to large and small businesses by showing their ads within paid search results across Yahoo! and the Web. The new search advertising product allows businesses to target their search ads to the entire Southeast Asia market (which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Philipinnes, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam) or narrow their audience to specific countries. In addition, advertisers can take advantage of new features such as ad testing, campaign optimization and advanced forecasting tools.

MIVA UK £30 credit

MIVA, Inc. (NASDAQ:MIVA) is an online advertising network that operates across North America and Europe. We drive targeted leads to thousands of advertisers each month through our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads. These PPC ads are displayed across a network of third party websites ranging from search engines and portals through to niche, sector specific sites. Start driving traffic to your site with MIVA

Hack: Get FREE domain name + $140 credit at

This "hack" allows to extract "free domain"
from OfficeLive' promo "free domain/email/site for 1 yr" and get $140 credit  offered by  to new sign ups . Follow
instructions & you'll be able to register free domain and then
remove it before OL' account cancellation (to prevent charges 1 year
later). Domain controls (incl. DNS) will be accessible @ Melbourne IT

(auto renewal is illegal for them)Free .com/net/org domain registration workflow

This hack will only work for people from U.S. unless proxy will be used (not confirmed)

$100 AdWords credit for 60 min phone interview

Google is looking for willing participants who can help them to make Google Website Optimizer even better! In exchange for one hour of your time, Google will give you a $100 AdWords credit. If you are interested in helping them, please return this form as soon as possible.

Please read over the details of participating:

   * The duration of studies are typically 60 minutes
   * Compensation is a $100 AdWords credit for 60 minutes

To participate you will need to:

   * be at least 18 years old
   * be willing to sign our Usability Non-Disclosure Agreement
   * have a desktop or laptop computer with Windows 2000/XP with Internet Explorer browser installed (sorry, we cannot support Mac's at this time)
   * have a Broadband Internet connection or stronger (DSL, Cable, T1 all fine)
   * have a phone (cell or land line) with a handless option so you can speak on the phone and use you computer simultaneously for the duration of the study OR be willing to come to one of our Washington locations.

Contact person:  Dawn Shaikh
Google Website Optimizer Team
dawnux AT

To participate, please fill out the form

, ,

Yahoo Search (US) $25 credit

Yahoo! Sponsored Search lists your business on top sites like Yahoo!, AltaVista and CNN. Sign up and get a $25 credit. $140 + Free Domains Registration Guide (fundraising)

I created an ebook how to get FREE .com/.net/.org domain registrations (Melbourne IT) +$140 advertising credit at Credit card or Paypal account is required for registration, but it won't be charged. The process of obtaining free domains involves few extra steps comparing to regular domain registration. I used MSN promo (free domain and site for 1 year) and came up with a workflow of how to get domains transferred to Melbourne IT (which is a regular registrar allowing to change DNS) for free. Usually I publish such "discoveries" free of charge, but right now I am helping fund raising campaign for non-profit suicide prevention project. I priced this ebook $14.99. The book has step by step instructions with illustrations. I estimate that it is possible to register 7-10 domains an hour. If you have purchased the book and the loophole will be already closed, we'll refund your money. If you 'd like to support our project, please make cc/paypal donations here Review could be found here Thanks!

Google AdWords voucher (UK) £30

To get started, please complete the form here. Google AdWords will then send an email to the address you provide within 1-3 business days. This will contain your personal voucher code and instructions for advertising online using the £30 free AdWords credit.   This offer is only valid for business domain email addresses.

Dutch Google AdWords 50€ credit

50€ credit to Dutch Google Adwords $50 PPC credit

Businesses large and small are aggressively looking for ways to bring more customers to their site. Ask Sponsored Listings (ASL) is a great way to reach qualified consumers. We drive quality traffic through ASL’s network which is comprised of over 100 search sites, meta search sites, portals, lifestyle, technology, travel and business sites. Some examples of these properties include sites such as, Excite, evite, and

Did you know that:
• 51% of Ask Sponsored Listings users DON’T use Yahoo!
• 31% of Ask Sponsored Listings users DON’T use Google
• 70% of Ask Sponsored Listings users DON’T use MSN
   *Source: comScore Media Metrix, December 2007

Ask Sponsored Listings is a great resource for businesses either looking start their paid search campaigns or to augment their existing ones.

Ask Sponsored Listings is currently offering customers who sign up through you:

• Free account set up and assistance (Note: Yahoo charges $200 for this service and Google doesn't offer it at all)

• $50 Credit towards the customer’s campaign  campaign 
Try Ask Sponsored Listings

PJM's store building contest with $2000 in prizes

PJN Promo

PJM is happy to announce the launch of the Pepperjam Store Builder Contest with $2,000 in prize money exclusive to Pepperjam Network affiliates!

About the Pepperjam Store Builder Contest:
The Pepperjam Store Builder contest is an easy way for any Pepperjam Network (PJN) affiliate to make a quick $10 for creating a new Web site using Pepperjam Store Builder or simply using an existing Web site that integrates Pepperjam Store Builder.

In addition, everyone who enters this contest will be entered into winning a $1,000 Grand Prize for best overall Web site using Pepperjam Store Builder.

This contest IS for you if...

You are a professional Web designer, want-to-be Web designer, savvy affiliate marketer, kick-ass (aka, Ninja) Web programmer, or just a PJN affiliate looking to make an extra $10 for taking Pepperjam Store Builder for a spin!

This contest IS NOT for you if...

You have no clue what affiliate marketing is and believe that there is absolutely no value in finding a way to use Pepperjam Store Builder to make more money with affiliate marketing.

Here are the contest rules:

(1) The first 100 Pepperjam Network affiliates to submit a new or existing Web site that uses Pepperjam Store Builder will receive a $10 bonus (deposited into your PJN account.)
(2) Web site submissions become official by first posting the Web site as a comment to HERE and second sending an e-mail with a link to the Web site and your PJN username (e-mail) to
(3) All submissions will be eligible for a $1,000 Grand Prize, which will be awarded to the Web site with the best overall use of Pepperjam Store Builder.
(4) The "Top 10" submissions will be determined by PJN staff adn posted to the PJN blog.
(5) The Grand Prize will be determined from the list of "Top 10," but will be voted upon by PJN Affiliates and Blog readers (vote will begin at 9:00am EST on 12/05/08 and end at 5:00pm EST 12/15/08. Therefore, all contest submissions must be in by midnight (12:00 EST) on 12/04/08.
(6) Grand Prize winner will be announced on Tuesday, December 16, 2008.
(7) Bloggers are encouraged to participate, especially considering Pepperjam Store Builder is Optimized for Wordpress! However, the blog must reside on its own exclusive domain (i.e., For instance, and are not acceptable for this contest. If you have questions regarding your domain please e-mail (8) Only one submission is allowed per PJN affiliate (9) PJN Staff reserves the right to reject any affiliate from participating that attempts to spam this contest. :)

Want to see what an actual Pepperjam Store Builder™ Web site might look like?
Check out the following:
PJN Promo

Marchex Adhere PPC $25 free credit

Receive $25 in free clicks when you sign up for Marchex Adhere PPC. Start reaching new customers, sign up today!

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